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IAW Dataset - Jiahao Zhang

May 17, 2023 Itzik Ben-Shabat Season 1 Episode 21
Talking Papers Podcast
IAW Dataset - Jiahao Zhang
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In this episode of the Talking Papers Podcast, I hosted Jiahao Zhang to chat about our CVPR 2023 paper "Aligning Step-by-Step Instructional Diagrams to Video Demonstrations".

furniture assembly diagram. To do that, we collected and annotated a brand new dataset: "IKEA Assembly in the Wild" where we aligned YouTube videos with IKEA's instruction manuals. Our approach to addressing this task proposes several supervised contrastive losses that contrast between video and diagram, video and manual, and internal manual images.

Jiahao is currently a PhD student at the Australian National University. His research focus is on human action recognition and multi-modal representation alignment. We first met (virtually) when Jiahao did his Honours project, where he developed an amazing (and super useful) video annotation tool ViDaT. His strong software engineering and web development background gives him a strong advantage when working on his research projects. Even though we never met in person (yet), we are actively collaborating and I already know what he is cooking up next. I hope to share it with the world soon.

Jiahao Zhang, Anoop Cherian, Yanbin Liu, Yizhak Ben-Shabat, Cristian Rodriguez, Stephen Gould

📚IKEA ASM Dataset

📚 Paper
💻Project page
💻Dataset page

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This episode was recorded on  May 1st,  2023.

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