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CSG on Neural SDFs - Zoë Marschner

November 09, 2023 Itzik Ben-Shabat Season 1 Episode 29
Talking Papers Podcast
CSG on Neural SDFs - Zoë Marschner
Show Notes

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Talking Papers Podcast! In this installment, I had the pleasure of hosting the brilliant Zoë Marschner as we delved into the fascinating world of Constructive Solid Geometry on Neural Signed Distance Fields. This exceptional research paper, published in SIGGRAPH Asia 2023, explores the cutting-edge potential of neural networks in shaping geometric representations.

In our conversation, Zoë enlightened us on the challenges surrounding the editing of shapes encoded by neural Signed Distance Fields (SDFs). While common geometric operators seem like a promising solution, they often result in incorrect outputs known as Pseudo-SDFs, rendering them unusable for downstream tasks. However, fear not! Zoë and her team have galvanized this field with groundbreaking insights.

They characterize the space of Pseudo-SDFs and proffer a novel regularizer called the closest point loss. This ingenious technique encourages the output to be an exact SDF, ensuring accurate shape representation. Their findings have profound implications for operations like CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) and swept volumes, revolutionizing their applications in fields such as computer-aided design (CAD).

As a former mechanical engineer, I find the concept of combining CSGs with Neural Signed Distance fields to be immensely empowering. The potential for creating intricate and precise designs is mind-boggling!

On a personal note, I couldn't be more thrilled about this episode. Not only were two of the co-authors, Derek and Silvia, previous guests on the podcast, but I also had the pleasure of virtually meeting Zoë for the first time. Recording this episode with her was an absolute blast, and I must say, her enthusiasm and expertise shine through, despite being in the early stages of her career. It's worth mentioning that she has even collaborated with some of the most senior figures in the field!

Join us on this captivating journey into the world of Neural Signed Distance Fields. Don't forget to subscribe and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear your take on this groundbreaking research!

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